By radical engagement we mean engagement born of radical relationships, relationships that are gritty, real and robust.

Radical engagement is the bedrock for buy-in to change.

Buy-in built on radical engagement is solid. So solid that your colleagues would, in theory, be willing to pay to reach the promised land, the vision you're proposing.

Can radical engagement impact your company's value? 

We think so. 

Our work on building engagement before changing work practices at Ella's Kitchen led to rapid growth during our 4-year intervention. From a boutique operation to an industry buyout for $73m!

In this 7-minute video Philip Cox-Hynd, corporate growthmeister and Vipassana practitioner, relates how his training in mindfulness has led to a deep understanding of how people view the change that growth mandates - and how to build engagement.

He goes on to say how this has led him to engineer his Change by Choice growth methodology, which engages people at a radical - or visceral - level.

Of course, it takes time, and Philip talks about the importance of spending sufficient time - more than senior managers usually allow - to engage your colleagues in change to such an extent that they would, in theory, happily pay for it. 

That's something we call radical engagement!

In his book, Mindfulness and the Art of Change by Choice, Philip talks about Ella’s Kitchen and other projects. He lays out his mindfulness-led methodology for building engagement and smoothly managing change, both in what is done (strategy and processes) and in how it's done (mindset and culture).